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3 Reasons to Love 2017

Happy New Year! 2016 brought us some beautiful moments and broke our hearts. Here are my 3 reasons to love 2017: Peace, Love and Hope. Peace, it seems big and unachievable. In this house we are aware of all the terrible conflicts that are happening world wide. I don't shelter my kids from the reality that just is. I don't bog them down with details but we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly and when it all seems too sad, scary and negative to bear we remind each other that peace starts here. We encourage our kids to talk out their conflicts with each other and their friends. We look for different ways to solve problems and we...

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Fingerprint Jewellery for Moms of Grown Ups

An email came in with a request for a last minute appointment. It was from a man who was able, after much scheduling acrobatics, to get all of his adult siblings together at one time.  From my studio window, I watched four very different vehicles drive up my street. I saw four very different people get out of their cars. Then, I watched as they embraced each other in greeting. They were here for their Mom and nothing else was as important at that moment. ❤️  

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We are taking a well earned break until Labour Day! ...Family time ...Recharge time ...Creative time See you in September. Much Love, Heather

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Era Maternity, Prince Albert Saskatchewan Fingerprint Jewellery Event

Don't miss it! Sway Silver Design Representative, Amanda Detillieux, will be on location  this Sunday October 25th 2015 11 -3 at Era Maternity Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Amanda will make fingerprint moulds of your loved ones that are present at the event  (children & adults welcome) and help you design the perfect fingerprint jewellery keepsakes.   Email Amanda Detillieux for more information.  [email protected] for pricing and product details

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On this day in 2001 this happened!

I was just rummaging through some drawers and found a photo I hadn't come across in quite sometime. Wow! This was exactly 14 years ago! How time flies! A picture is worth a thousand words but just in case you can't tell what happened the sign reads "I'm proposing...PLEASE HONK!". We drove the 401 with that on the car unbeknownst to me! My boyfriend then stopped at the busiest intersection in Cambridge at a gas station and proposed on one knee surrounded by a cacophony of car horns. How does a girl not say a resounding "YES!" to that? It was pretty awesome and very unexpected.  All these years and two kids later, it's pictures like this that make me stop...

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