Why can't I order the fingerprint or dog (pet) nose jewellery online? 

1. We want to be sure that you order your fingerprint or pet mould kits first
2. We prefer that you know you are going to have a successful mould to use before you invest in your fingerprint or pet jewellery. We really don't want to take your money until you are sure you are ready to order.
3. NOW YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE A link to a shopping page will be provided in your fingerprint or pet kit so you can order and pay securely online. 

What is in a mould kit? You will receive 1 postage paid envelope (Canada only), 1 order form, brochure, putty instructions and the appropriate amount of putty sets based on the number of people you select when ordering.

How many sets of putty do I need to order? 1 per person to be fingerprinted. On the 1-7 selector - indicate the number of people you will be making a fingerprint mould of. Enough putty will be included in your kit for the number of people you have indicated.  If you order more than one kit you will use the 1-7 selector for each kit. WORRIED the mould won't work? Extras are included, just in case you need to try again.

How many kits do I need to order? 1 kit per address is usually all you need. You can order as many as you like if you want to buy them as gifts. 

How do I book an appointment? I would like to come to the studio: You can use this link to book an in studio appointment. Times available will vary. PEOPLE ONLY, NO PETS PLEASE. A pet kit can be picked up to do at  your convenience at home or with the help of your vet/groomer.

Can multiple pieces of jewellery be made from 1 mould? Yes. Any combination of prints and pendants can be ordered using the individual moulds you provide.

Can you use an ink print instead of a mould?  

Fingerprints - not at this time,

Paw prints, baby footprints, handprints MAYBE - please contact me to inquire. heather@swaysilver.ca

What age is ideal to show fingerprint patterns in the jewellery? Every person is unique, but usually children about age 4 have developed defined enough fingerprint ridges to transfer to mould to metal. 

Is my baby too young? babies (0-1 year) do have very fine fingerprints however probably too fine and soft to be captured by the mould – it’s the creases and wrinkles that will show the best. Many love to have a keepsake to show just how tiny he/she is.

Is my child’s print too big to fit on a charm/pendant? No, I use the most unique part of the fingerprint to fit the pendant or charm.

What are the pendants and charms made of? .925 silver also called sterling silver

What are the chains made of? .925 silver also called sterling silver

Will they tarnish? Silver oxidizes naturally when it’s not worn or when exposed to chemicals or high humidity. A little TLC with a soft cloth will shine it up to its original lustre. Jewellery dip should not be used as it can strip the intentional oxidization added to the letters and fingerprint.

How do I care for my Sway Silver jewellery? Daily wear will help prevent tarnish. Please avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs to avoid oxidation. If you tend to wear your necklace 24/7 please take time every few weeks to give your jewellery some love with a soft cloth. Gently clean the chain and especially the clasp with a little soap and water or a dab of toothpaste to keep the mechanism working it’s best.

How long does it take? Usually 4-6 weeks from the time your mould is received in studio. If you have a date you need your  jewellery for please make a note of it and we will do our best to accommodate. Please note Christmas and Mother’s Day are high volume times and hard deadlines are set to ensure orders can be delivered in time.

I would like to add a fingerprint to a Euro style bead charm bracelet like Pandora. What do you suggest?   The small fingerprint bead can hold 1 print and initial or any charm can be added to a bracelet with the addition of a larger ring. Please note you would like to add it to a Pandora style  on your order so that an appropriate ring can be added

I want to have a fingerprint included with a pet print - make a note of that and a fingerprint size mould will be included in your pet kit OR use about half of each of the putty colours provided in a pet kit. Shopping links will be provided for both fingerprint and pet jewellery collections 

Can you make a paw print?  Even a small paw will be a lot of volume for a silver pendant. Pendants turn out about 10% smaller than the mould. However, if you can get a mould of it I can make it. We may need to discuss additional costs based on materials.