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Pets Make Our Family Whole - Jack the Gentle German Shepherd

"Saying goodbye always makes my throat hurt" - Charlie Brown Only someone who has experienced a connection to the soul of a dog, knows the pain of letting go. As I prepared myself and my boys for the heartbreak that was to come, we talked about ways to keep Jack close to our hearts. Heather had a unique and beautiful idea and so she created our "Jack charms". With great sensitivity and compassion, Heather walked beside us through the process; from making a mould of our boy's nose to choosing a design to creating the most beautiful and important piece of jewelry I own. Although they were made for my boys, I often steal one to wear on those days...

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Kim: How a gift of Sway Silver fingerprint jewellery turned her grief into a way to serve others

A few years back, I had an interesting email come to my inbox. The man was requesting fingerprint jewellery of his children, a young daughter and his infant son that was stillborn, whose foot was captured skillfully in a plaster cast made at the hospital at birth. When he arrived at the studio with this precious memory, he was beside himself that his wife would find the keepsake was missing before he returned it. TALK ABOUT PRESSURE!!!! So many things could have gone wrong and it was a bit touch and go as the mould putty I used took its sweet time to set up on the plaster. What if the putty stuck? What if the putty pulled bits off...

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