January 07, 2018

3 Reasons a Long Chain is a Wardrobe Necessity

By Heather McNair Horsey
3 Reasons a Long Chain is a Wardrobe Necessity
It’s been bitter COLD outside - even for Canada! I caught myself wishing, for just a moment, that I owned a bigger selection of warm & cozy turtleneck sweaters, which led me to that dilemma:
...my jewellery will suffocate if I wear a necklace under my turtleneck ... or suffocate ME if I try pulling a chain around the perimeter of a bulky neckline.
Alas! A solution for our winter blues...or our necklace problem at least. The long chain - Sway Silver offers a 36 inch sterling silver Rolo style. Here are 3 heart melting reasons you will want one.
1. The Scarf - no matter what your neck is wrapped with, your 36” chain will always show below it.
2. You love your children but you love your other jewellery too. Lucky, you can layer both like a fashion pro! A 36” inch long chain can hold your “dear to your heart” Fingerprint Jewellery and a shorter 18” or 20” with your other favourites. Get creative and mix your metals too!
Layer your keepsake jewellery with fashion or artisan jewellery
3. Versatility Rules! A 36” chain can be worn doubled to give the effect of 2 chains. If you have a set of fingerprint charms you can hang one on the top layer and another 1 or 2 below. 
Then release the chain long again whenever you desire for a whole new look.
Sway Silver Fingerprint Jewellery has a variety of sterling silver chains at standard lengths to hold your fingerprint pendants and charms. Head to www.swaysilver.ca to begin your fingerprint jewellery order.  If you are already a raving Sway Silver fan but just need to update your base for your prized fingerprint pendants use this link to order a chain. www.swaysilver.ca/fingerprints