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Large Teardrop Fingerprint Pendant

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Need a chain or birthstone?

The Large Teardrop pendant suits the sentimental, casual dresser when worn on a leather necklace but is also stunning & feminine on a Rolo necklace. 

Number of fingerprints: 1 - 3   Show the size range of your smallest to tallest children or one or 2 full adult fingerprints.

Customization: Each first initial will be added to the back to correspond with the fingerprints on the front. (Chains & leather sold separately)

Approximate dimensions: 1 1/2 - 2" (38mm - 50")

Made of: Sterling Silver

New Mould? Order a DIY Mould Kit to get started

Your order will be completed within about 4 weeks of when your mould & order form arrives at the Sway Silver Studio, Cambridge Ontario, Canada, then shipped to you.

Names or initials stamped on back unless specified otherwise.