We said good bye to Whistler in 2014Pets are a HUGE part of our families and saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the hardest life experiences to go through. I have been there too. So, as many desperate inquiries have come in over the years, I have served local families grieving the loss of a dog or cat by providing mould kits and making jewellery to give comfort and remembrance. Now, I am pleased that I can FINALLY offer pet impression jewellery, both "Innies" and "Outies" to anyone who desires to celebrate or remember their beloved furry sidekick.

pet collectionFirst you will need to order a DIY Pet Mould Kit. Your pet mould kit includes a larger amount of mould putty than the fingerprint mould kit - enough to get the impression of a dog nose or toe - but not a whole paw. The kit also includes online ordering instructions for selecting and paying for jewellery & a studio addressed envelope to return the mould.                                              Please note: I do not see pets in my studio a DIY pet mould kit can be picked up if you are local                                                                               If you are a veterinarian, vet tech, or groomer mould kits are available in bulk if you would like to provide the mould service to your clients. Please email for more information.

I am frequently asked, "Do you make jewellery with full cat/dog paws?" - A moulded cat/dog paw is too big - just imagine how much silver it would take. However, if you can email an ink/paint paw print image then I can use a different technique & shrink the print to a manageable size so it can be used on a silver pendant, such as the dog tag or heart.
Please, send me an email and I'll be happy to discuss it. 


"Outie" silver dog nose on a leather cuff bracelet