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Children grow…

As a Mother of two little boys, I believe every Mom pours her soul into her children and wants to celebrate how precious they are, daily. Our children, from tiny to tall, are like our badges of honour. We wear our love for each child with pride.

I help you celebrate the importance and uniqueness of those precious people by capturing their fingerprint impressions in handcrafted silver jewellery that you will proudly wear close to your heart everyday.

Time goes by fast and children grow up! Let’s capture your memories in metal to cherish forever.

Heather McNair Horsey  | Sway Silver


Handcrafted for you…

To get started, I’ll make a mould by gently pressing a digit of your child or loved one into soft putty.

One or more pieces of jewellery can be made from the same impression.

Pendants and charms are made of fine silver and oxidized to bring out the highlights of each unique impression.

Babies and toddlers may not have defined fingerprints however it’s worth capturing the size of their tiny fingers or toes. They are only this small once! Children age 4 and up tend to have more definition in their fingerprint patterns.

No one is too old! Adults usually have the most clearly defined fingerprint patterns and deepest ridges. There are a few instances where age or treatment for illness or genetics produce light results.