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Why do I capture fingerprints in silver?

You love the few... the unique... the things nobody else has. There are people in your life that are your TRUE  Only  Ones

...your Children & Grandchildren

...your Spouses or Partners

...your Parents & Grandparents

...your Fur-Babies...    Yes! Even your pets!

I help you to celebrate the essence of these beloved few in the unique textures and patterns that they bear - fingerprints. The impression they make in a sterling silver pendant, is the tangible you can hold onto in celebration of the precious souls that have had a beautiful impact on your life, as you live with or without them. 

Tears of joy & love are shed at receiving this precious gift.

Over the many years that I have been making fingerprint jewellery, I have witnessed the power of the impression. The ability to be a just a fingertip away from someone special is a comfort in grief and provides connection at a distance. 

My jewellery collection conveys how perfectly imperfect we all are.  Low lustre silver, completed by hands and at a time...Sway Silver, goes with your everyday, comfortable and simple, never fussy or overdone. 

Though I have made silver jewellery for over 20 years, I had never experienced the sincere heartfelt responses that jewellery can invoke, until this fingerprint jewellery collection came to be. It is my honour to serve you and your family with this meaningful way of remembering. It is my privilege ... capture your memories in metal. 


Heather Founder & Designer

 Heather Horsey
 Founder & Designer