Sway Silver

Leather Fingerprint Cuff Bracelet

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The Sway Silver Fingerprint Cuff combines rustic simplicity with cherished family sentiment.  Brown hand cut leather that only softens and gets better with time developing a beautiful deep patina. There are two sizes of sterling silver plates available however these dimensions will be adjusted to fit the fingerprints provided. Stitching is waterproof - as of 2023 riveting with sterling silver rivets is also an option & I will communicate the possibilities once your moulds are received in my studio & I’ve had the chance to consider the nuances of your specific design. 

Sizes available to fit all wrists. 

Wide plate - (suggestion) Number of fingerprints: up to 3 with names or up to 4 without names

Slim plate - (suggestion) Number of fingerprints: up to 3 prints with first initial or up to 4 prints without initial

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