October 06, 2015

On this day in 2001 this happened!

By Heather McNair Horsey

I was just rummaging through some drawers and found a photo I hadn't come across in quite sometime. Wow! This was exactly 14 years ago! How time flies! A picture is worth a thousand words but just in case you can't tell what happened the sign reads "I'm proposing...PLEASE HONK!". We drove the 401 with that on the car unbeknownst to me! My boyfriend then stopped at the busiest intersection in Cambridge at a gas station and proposed on one knee surrounded by a cacophony of car horns. How does a girl not say a resounding "YES!" to that? It was pretty awesome and very unexpected. 

All these years and two kids later, it's pictures like this that make me stop in my tracks, slowdown from the busyness of motherhood and the solo-preneur task list and remember the simple days of just us, what this union means to me, how lucky I am and how we need to pay attention to each other.

Do you have a funny engagement story? What makes you stop and take inventory? Please share your comments, I'd love to hear from you!

"I'm proposing...Please honk!!"