January 07, 2015

What to expect of your fingerprint impression – Everybody is Different!

By Heather McNair Horsey

Look at your own fingertip. You will see a collection of whorls, curls and waves in a pattern that is unique in the world. You are the only one with that fingerprint. The ridges can be high and crisp or low and flat, fine or bold. Everyone is different. Look at your child’s finger and what do you see?

There are many factors that influence the quality of impression or fingerprint that shows up in the silver such as age, genetics and health. In my experience the best results for visible fingerprint patterns come from children 5 and up and adults. Please don’t worry if your child is younger than 5 it’s still a precious keepsake to capture the small size of your growing baby or toddler because he/she won’t be small for long! See photo above to compare an impression with a fingerprint.

Child fingerprint and baby fingerprint impression in a bead.


Everyone is different. Look closely and you will see the variations in size, age and print clarity.


Teardrop with single senior adult fingerprint.


Young Adult fingerprints female and male.

Please Note: I have come across a few instances when the fingerprints are diminished in people being treated for cancer.