Monogrammed Silver Pendant - Sway Silver

Monogrammed Wreath Pendant


Have you ever wondered if our first names change our destiny? When my parents were expecting me they had a different name in mind. As often happens when you meet your baby for the first time, that changed when they saw me. They say that they just knew I wasn't a "Brenda",  "Heather" fit it was whispered in their ear by an angel or something.  

The sterling silver, Monogrammed Wreath Pendant, is a medal designed to hold a single capital letter in the middle - perfect for representing your family name. You choose which letter to customize it with -  Will you use your first name or last name initial? Fortunately for me, the H works for both. The embossed whimsical wreath is my own hand drawn design. 

Approximate dimensions : a little over 1" not including the bail in the measurement

Perfect on a super versatile 36" Rolo chain to layer with your other Sway Silver jewellery or wear it doubled to show above your neckline. I'm offering you several combos to choose from - Monogrammed front only OR order it with a chain OR with extra text on the back - run through the combos for prices.

How can add text to customize the back?:  Perhaps if you are using your last name perhaps "est. in 2000" would be appropriate Maybe a power word to remind you or someone you love to be their best like "COURAGE" or "LOVED" make it personal but keep it under 20 characters including spaces.