Compass Necklace

Compass Necklace


Have you ever used a compass? Most likely if you were a Girl Guide or a Boy Scout you would have. I personally have memories of an orienteering field trip I took as an elementary school student. We used our pocket compass to find North and followed our maps to find the the assigned coordinates. It was like a game, however it was a practical skill to learn to read a compass and understand the relationship of North to the direction you needed to go in order to reach your destination.  Understanding how to read and use the instrument with a map was the key to success. 

The compass is commonly a symbol of guiding wisdom, the adventurer’s courageous heart, an explorer’s dream, and the focus of the lover’s attention.

Gift for: a graduate, someone with a big life change ahead, your favourite mentor, a lover of outdoor adventure, the person you would most be lost without, a world traveller

Dimensions of pendant approximately 15mm

Made of .925 sterling silver

Sterling Silver fine chain 18” (other standard lengths may be available please send me a note with your order if you would prefer a different length)